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Products Availabilities

SMD35 consists of strong cubo-octahedral crystals and is of low inclusion level. Better wear resistance makes the product suitable for long lasting tools.SMD35 is recommended for cutting hard stones and cured concrete.

SMD30 contains high level strong cubo-octahedral crystals and is of a little higher inclusion level compared to SMD35. The grit is recommended for cutting medium hard stones and concrete.

SMD25 is a middle strong abrasive and contains a little more inclusion than SMD25. The product is recommended for general purpose applications in stone and construction industries.

SMD20 is a also a middle strong abrasive with a relative high proportion of cubo-octahedral crystals. The grit is ideal for general purpose applications.

SMD15 is an economic product and combines cubo-octahedral crystals and other whole shape. SMD15 is ideal for cutting soft stones.

SMD10 is a slightly friable grit with blocky shape. As a cost-effective abrasive, the grit is ideal for light duty applications where tools life is not critical.

SMD is a friable abrasive containing diamond crystals with sharp edges. The product is widely used for hand-held tools, DIY tools and grinding applications.

Ti, Cr and TiNi coated SMD Series saw grits are available. Please refer to our catalogue for coated saw grits!

Crystal Static Toughness

Crystal static toughness test is conducted in accordance with China National Standard.

Impact Strength and Thermal Toughness

Thermal impact strength test is subject to heat the grits in an inert atmosphere.

Applications Recommended

Sizes Availability

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