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SXD Series Saw Grits

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Products Availabilities

Premium Grades

SXD70 consists of well shaped and extremely strong cubo-octahedral crystals. Single crystal is free from visible impurities. The product is recommended for demanding applications.

SXD60 is also a premium abrasive which contains very strong cubo-octahedral crystals. High strength and good thermal stability make the product suitable for sawing and drilling very hard material, such as hardest stones, reinforced concrete and asphalt.

Medium Grades

SXD50 is a superior middle strong abrasive for general purpose applications. Strength of single crystal is satisfied. The grit is usually used for cutting medium hard stones and cured concrete.

SXD40 is a middle strong abrasive with a relative high proportion of cubo-octahedral crystals. The grit is suitable for general purpose applications in stone and construction industries.

Economic Grades

SXD30 is an economic product in SXD family, but still contains many cubo-octahedral crystals. The grit is ideal for less demanding applications, and recommended for cutting medium-to-soft stones.

SXD20 is a slightly friable mid-range product suitable for use in light applications where high thermal stability is not required, and tool life is not critical. The grit is usually recommended for cutting soft stones

Crystal Static Toughness

Crystal static toughness test is conducted in accordance with China National Standard.

Impact Strength and Thermal Toughness

Thermal impact strength test is subject to heat the grits in an inert atmosphere.

Applications Recommended

Sizes Availability

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