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Manganous Manganic Oxide FAQ

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> Q: What is application of manganous mangnaic oxide?

A: Manganous mangnaic oxide is one kind of raw materials used in magnetic industry. Combined with zinc and iron oxides, various Mn-Zn ferrite cores are produced such as inductor cores, television yoke cores, transformer cores, etc.

> Q: What is production capacity of CR series products?

A: The total annual production capacity of CR series is over 13000 metric tons.

> Q: What is characters of CR series manganous manganic oxide?

A: CR series manganous manganic oxide characters with low impurity, high specific surface area and consistent chemical and physical composition.

> What is the meaning of “N” in type name CR-06N and CR-15N?

A: “N” means the products have lower selenium content compared with CR-06 and CR-15.

> Q: What is difference between CR-06 and CR-06N, CR-15 and CR-15N?

A: The only difference between CR-06 and CR-06N, CR-15 and CR-15N is selenium content. CR-06N and CR-15N are lower selenium content products.

> Q: What is difference between CR-06 series and CR-15 series?

A: Compared with CR-06 series, CR-15 series has higher specific surface area activities, and is used to produce high performance Mn-Zn ferrite cores such as low power loss core, high ucore.


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